Friday, June 15, 2012

Love Story

For all you romantics out there, have I got a love story for you!

As I was rearranging my blog the other day, the Holy Spirit showed me something I have never seen before!! Don't you just love it when He does that?!

I fell in love with this picture.... I put it by my blog header the other day and the Holy Spirit said, Psalm 23.

"Thou prepares A table before ME"...

OH MY! Was I blown away!!! Every other time I have read this verse I envisioned a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGG table that my eye cannot see the end of because it's so big for all the believers that are sitting at this table and there are so many place settings. But the Holy Spirit said, "no, it's A table just for you"... OH God, You are SOOO Romantic!!!!!!! I am overwhelmed! This table is BEAUTIFUL! You know just what I like! It's perfect! Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that it is...

"in the presence of mine enemies"

Now, that doesn't sound very fun. But wait a second, the story comes to a crawling halt and  the camera freezes on just me and my Savior as arrows and shots are firing all around us in VERY slow motion. Jesus has just served me the finest of foods (prepares = arrange. He is such a Servant!) and He comes to kneel down next to me. What's that you are doing Savior? Why are you serving me?! Why are you placing Your hands on my head so softly? What's that cool oil running down my forehead?

"thou anointest my head with oil..."
 (anointest = to satisfy; to remove ashes)

Wait a second! There's too much going on! There's a war all around us! We need to focus on the caios all around us so we don't get shot! You can't do this,
I'm not worthy!!!!!!!!!

Then He whispers,

"I am."


  1. It is early in the heart is heavy. The Lord always hugs me with your insight. Praying for a miracle. The scripture gives Hope! Love you sweet girl, Momma Linda

  2. Glory to God! Thank you Grammie. Praying.

  3. Awesome, sweet love story :)

    Susan Montgomery

  4. Such a glorious story and so beautifully written!