Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Camping is fun...but add Christ and it's a blast!

  We left Friday afternoon to attend "Family Camp" and stayed until  Sunday afternoon.  Extreme Kansas Camp at Milford Lake is wonderful.  They have canoing, tubing ,this large blow up thing that V loved called "Saturn"....

...and MANY other fun activities.
Giant slip n slide

 There were about 8-10 different families from all over Ks that enjoyed the weekend.
Enjoying Snowcones with everyone

We love the Ammons family, they always treat everyone like family.  Shawn was the pastor who married us 15 years ago.

Ammons Family

 They have walked with us through our many mountains and valleys.  I love watching their family of 11 (yes, they have 9 children :).  They are a Christlike example to us in SOOO many ways.

Shawn pointed us closer to Christ during several "services" we had throughout the weekend. 

I love thinking about the early church, they didn't have elaborate buildings to meet in, just God's great outdoors.  I loved feeling the breeze blow across my face as I sat under the "base camp" tent listening.  I also enjoyed worshipping with other believers "just as I am" , without a shower, in my swimming suit, hat and no makeup.  :)  I was reminded how Christ had church "WITH" His followers in His creation as the sun browned His skin.

 He wasn't "preachy", but spent TIME WITH them, loving on them.  How can we spend time WITH others (our children espically) to share Christ with them?  "But Jesus withdrew with His disciples to the sea" Mark 3:7a  There are MANY verses saying how Jesus did things WITH His disciples.     

The favorite for many was watching the sunset under the cross and singing to our God.

Preparing for worship at sunset
My favorite was when Shawn described our walk as Christ followers, on their  baseball field.  He started with having his 4 year old son hit the ball off a T and watching him run to 3rd base.
Many of us live life like this, wake up, hit the floor and don't think twice about Christ?  We run straight for 3rd base thinking we are doing great getting stuff done.  We laugh at an innocent 4 year old, but when a 40 year old man runs to 3rd base and stands with a smile on his face....it isn't funny.  That's what most of us do, run straight to 3rd base (Shawn called this base "DO".  Doing works, getting stuff done.) Instead we need to stand at homeplate (called "YOU") smack the ball and run to first base!  First base is called "BE".  When we wake up in the morning BE STILL and KNOW He is God!!!!  Spend time with your Father!  Then run to second base.  Second base is called "WHO".  It's only when we spend time with Christ that we can give to others in our life.  After that we can run to third base called "DO".  Don't do life backwards and expect Christ to bless it at the end of the day.  It's only when we do these things in order can we score in life.  Christ is always FIRST, people in our life are SECOND, getting "stuff" done is THIRD! 

Thank you Jesus for Family Camp!!!  I can't wait to go again!  :)

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  1. I was at PFF and I saw all the photos from Family Camp! What a grand time you all had visiting with the Lord and sharing such a special time with your own friends and families! Your pastor and family is so sweet! Love the photo!