Wednesday, March 28, 2012

V Update

Another little update about our V

He enjoyed his first Valentine's Day! I asked him to say, "Happy Valentine's Day" in Ukrainian. He said there is no "happy" in Ukraine. Makes me so sad. But he had so much fun on his American Valentine's Day!

Sleepy V on Valentine's Day morning (sorry, couldn't get the pic to turn :)

Of course he loved the school Valentine's Day party! Lots of candy, pop and presents! He enjoyed buying his secret Valentine a gift and receiving one in return. It was so funny, we purchased a basketball for his "Valentine" and he received the SAME basketball from his Valentine! Gave everyone a good laugh! It was so hard to keep things a secret for sure!

Just opened his Vday gift from his friend and realized its the same one we got his Valentine!  :)
V had a BLAST skating at the school's skating party. The party was a reward for reading so many books. Yep, V got to go because he has read several English books!!! Can you believe it? I cannot even fathom being in his place. There would be no way I would be reading a Ukrainian book! He even ventured out to do the speed skate! He is a courageous little guy!

And he really liked the snack machine. :)

Notice the closed eyes smiles?!  :)

Speaking of being full of courage....V went to a singing competition with our school! He barely knows English, but went anyway! He just mouthed the words the best he could...AMAZING! I think he really enjoyed himself too! I know they had a lot of "concerts" at his Ukrainian school.

Top row 3rd from Right

I am SO blessed to be part of family that lives close to eachother! I LOVE that my children get to grow up close to their cousins, and that most of the cousins are close in age. We have lots of cousin activities. The most recent was several cousins came over for a game of airsoft war! V sure did enjoy that!!! He is now, as I speak, outside building "shields" or things to hide behind for the next war. :)

Gettin Ready for the big WAR

Watch out!

The very first day of Spring break the boys spent some of their money buying airsoft supplies, silly boys!

These boys LOVE to play basketball together, even if they do argue the whole time about the plays. :)

A friendly Game of Knock-Out

I found I have TWO competative, head strong boys! We knew V had a competative streak when we hosted him, but boy is it coming out strong these days! :) My Ian too... I knew he was competative, but now that he has a competative brother... watch out!!! The boys have had many "servant" talks, learning to turn the other cheek, and doing unto others as they would have done unto them.

Look what I found after coming in from outside... MELT MY HEART!
Sweet Servanthood-removing a splinter

Earlier this year we also got to take a little family trip. Our first time in a hotel room as a family of 5! Thank you Jesus! :)

The boys in their hotel bed

I think V's favorite part about the trip was seeing this guy hold a rattle snake.

V is definatly a courageous one. Ellie calls on him anytime she sees a spider. V to the rescue with his shoe and kills it for her.

Winterjam concert was a favorite. He takes after his dad and loves loud music! :)
He also experienced his first tornado warning. Welcome to Kansas! :) Off we went to our brother's house to hide in their shelter! He didn't even flinch, but enjoyed the time with his cousins. :) He said there are no tornados in Ukraine.
Oh, and soccer practice starts Thursday!!!!! Here comes a Ukrainian soccer player... watch out America!!
Thank you to everyone who has made our family of 4, a family of 5!! We love our V!!!
Thank You Lord for restoring what the locust have eaten!
 "And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you." Joel 2:25

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  1. Now that you have made me teary eyed I will leave with this: Praying always for your beautiful family. Pray for Colorado. We are surrounded by wildfires. It is so sad and very scary for those so close. The Boulder fire is so close we can smell it and it burns our eyes. We can see it too! So very sad. I just pray for all who have lost their homes, those who must leave with very little material poccessions and the wonderful fire fighters who risk their lives each day. Blessings Stubbs family!