Tuesday, September 20, 2011

As We Wait

Waiting... one of the worst words EVER.

After our court date on Thursday, September 15, we have to go through the mandatory 10 day waiting period.  Vitaliy goes about his life at the orphanage while he waits and we wait in our hotel, NOT FUN. 

"I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in His word I do hope." 
Psalm 130:5  

Today marks our 5th day of waiting.  
God has taken such good care of us.  He has provided just what we need as we wait.  For example, our translator forgot to call our taxi for us to be able to go see Vitaliy today.  But guess who God allowed us to run into on our way to lunch...? Our taxi driver!! Our driver speaks VERY little English, but enough for me to ask him to take us to see V!  Thank you Jesus for caring for us as we wait!
  I am so glad we get to see Vitaliy while we wait.  I'm sure it's hard for him to wait also.  It was so sweet to see him today.  We watched him play with his friends.  They have such a special bond.  Just think 7+ years together in the orphanage... eating, sleeping, playing, learning...waiting for a family.  I'm sure these 10 days are nothing for him, he's used to waiting.  But while he waits, he enjoys his last few days with his friends.  

These boys are the sweetest!!

Tressa also has been so good to me while I wait.  I am so glad God allowed her to come.  Without her it would be a lonely 10 days.  I would find myself in tears many times without her.  She has been spoiling me as I sit in up against the head of my bed, hours upon hours, with the covers pulled up enjoying myself reading, browsing the internet or watching my Little House on the Prairie shows.  Tressa brings me tea, food and laughter.  She even bought hot chocolate packets just for me!  

For my birthday she made a special supper since it was too dark to go out.  She cut up an onion she had purchased along with a tomato and olive oil and made a yummy spread for our bread.  Such a sweetie!

  We pray the next couple of weeks fly by.  We are looking forward to another blessing God has in store for us while we wait... an American couple staying in our hotel Wednesday!  They are just starting their process.  Looking forward to our time with them as we wait!  

"But those who WAIT on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

V and his friend waiting.....


  1. Phil just said to me have you seen Tonya's post? I love reading your girls blogs.........keeps me so up to date. I am so thankful that Tressy made your BD so special. She is a sweetie. I am a blessed Momma of the two of them. I am so glad that you are enjoying one another. I can only imagine the giggles going on in your room!!!!!!!! Love it.

    So fun to hear about the taxi driver story. God is SOOOOO in the DETAILS. It is fun to watch, wait and see Him.
    Love you sweetie!!!!!!!! me

  2. Tonya what a Blessing to hear the Grace of the Lord being poured out on behalf of your ENTIRE family....Happy Belated Birthday...And may the Lord continue to grant you patience and strength as you wait upon Him...Blessings to you and Tressa and V of course.. : )

  3. What an amazing post, It is good to keep up with you and your travels,and also to hear how God is working it all out while you wait...on Him!

  4. 9 months of pregnancy ... those last 10 days ... God bless you as you WAIT!

  5. Your family is just such a beautiful circle in this life we live.