Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh Jesus, You are Wonderful!

I have seen God at work big time in our lives the past couple of weeks!  He is so amazing!  For starters, over the 4th of July we sold water bottles to raise money for Vitaliy's adoption. 

 At first it seemed like we didn't raise much for being out in the HOT weather all day long.  We made $169 that day.  But I think God used it for more than to raise money.  The children and adults alike were able to think outside of our bubbles.  To think about a little boy in Ukraine who does not have a family or a house to call a home.  Like I said yesterday, it's so easy to get caught up in what makes ME comfortable.  God surprised us recently as we are learning to trust Him.  We have recently received in the mail 3 separate $100 checks + another $13 towards Vitaliy!!!  This was from people who we do not even know! OH MY!  Our Heavenly Father is AMAZING!  Who would of thought?  Now the money raised from the 4th of July has suddenly multiplied from $169 to $482!  God's math is not our math when we give Him what we have!  

As you know I have given my marriage & my husband to God.  God has answered SO many prayers regarding Josh's life.  One answer to my prayer came in the form of .....

Men's Encounter weekend is an opportunity for guys to connect with each other and spend some time in self-examination to see where they are in their walk with God. Over the weekend, they look at 14 areas of their lives to discover specifically how God wants to use them. They experience worship, testimonies, teaching and ministry times.  It is always so amazing to see what the Lord has done in each of their lives when they come back.  Last weekend was no exception.  God blessed Josh and the other 99 guys' socks off!  So if your husband EVER has a chance to go, I would encourage you as a wife to let him go...  Please!  The next Men's Encounter isn't until October, so I will remind you then and send you the link if your guy is interested.  Until then, PRAY PRAY PRAY for your husband to even want to go.  Stormie Omartin helped me pray for Joshua in her book, Power of a Praying Wife.  If you do not have this book yet, I encourage you to get it immediately!  I have seen so many of my prayers answered in this book.  I am now able to, as I go back thru the book and pray, to say, "God, you have answered this prayer!  And this prayer!  And this prayer!"

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So until the next Men's Encounter....... PRAY!  And watch this video.  



  1. Hi Tonya,

    that's so cool that God is doing amazing thing in your hubby Josh's life :) :) HE's amazing...and HE can make marriages work and thrive :) :)

    You are getting closer and closer to bringing Vitaliy home :) :) I'll be praying towards that end...that you get above and beyond what you need to bring him home. He'll need stuff when he comes home, ri ght? So I'm asking God for extra ;) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. What a wonderful blessing that unexpected money is! I once doubted that God would take care of me in a time of need and said, "God doesn't send checks through the mail." I was wrong. Shortly thereafter, I received an anonymous money order for $500 - the exact amount I needed to pay my mortgage that month. You're right: god's math is not our math. My children and I pray for you and Vitaliy each night. Heather

  3. We have a amazing money story as well, when you get things when you need them, just happened a few weeks ago.

    Women's Encounter will also in October, that is the plan, hosted by Crossroads. I have the logo for it as well if you would like to have one!

  4. Yay! Someone else who likes Andrew Peterson!

  5. HA! Yes Amber, I had not heard about Andrew until a friend of mine sent me this song! Isn't it amazing!! I just LOVE it! It is our marriage story exactly. And I can't wait to dance with Joshua when we're old and grey and remember all the things our Lord had done in our lives.... :)
    Ashley, miss seeing you! Love you sister!
    Heather, God is so good! Thank you so much for your prayers... keep em comin!!!
    Heather, I keep thinking about how you said you are praying for more, for when we get home to get him clothes, etc. LOOOVE it!!! THANK YOU everyone!! You are loved!