Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friends of Adoption

I keep hearing more and more about others who are pursuing adoption.  Isn't our God amazing that He chose to adopt us??!!! I am overwhelmed at His mercy and grace for choosing me! I am an adopted daughter of the KING!!!!!!!! and He LOVES ME!!!  Check out this song!!  HE LOVES YOU!

If you get the chance, check out others blogs who are adopting. We recently found out that our next door neighbor's daughter is adopting from Ukraine also!  How cool is that?! That is NOT a coincidence!! Here is their blog. They are adopting a baby with Down's Syndrome. They are amazing!

And this family also from Kansas who just got home from adopting from the Ukraine...

I am also overwhelmed at how giving God's people are! We sold water bottles again yesterday at the Yoder Poultry auction... yep you heard right! Check out my mom in law's blog to see more about the poultry auction.

A gentleman there gave us $70 for 6 bottles of water!!!  We just asked for $1/ bottle! OH MY! Talk about humbling!!!!! I am nearly in tears overwhelmed at our God.  Why did He choose me???? OH He is SO good. Do you ever doubt His love for you?  Please don't ever forget what He did to have a relationship with you for forever...

Check out the song below! Very good! (He didn't Die in Vain song with lyrics)


  1. Oh, what a blessing to hear the Testimony of God's GREAT LOVE....Unfortunately my internet connection is REALLY slow right now so I am unable to listen to the song...But I will try to remember to come back to it...I am off to your Sweet Momma In Love's blog....I hope it doesn't take to Long for it to come up...
    Have a Blessed week in the Lord..

  2. Hey! Thanks for posting this! Isn't it a great feeling to be part of this adoption community? I appreciate your willingness to step out in faith as well, I think that's what draws us so close together-is the level of vulnerability that we have exposed ourselves too among others. I should be at mom and dad's the weekend of Aug. 13th...I would love to hear about your journey and meet your little girl. Plus I have lots of questions! :)

  3. I am so happy for you! I hope you are getting closer to meeting your goal, whatever it might be now!

  4. I remember that water bottle story from Linda's blog. What a joy! God is always in control!