Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adoption News!

I received some amazing adoption news this morning!  

 The last we knew the Ukraine offices were getting ready to shut down for the summer.  This was the previous news we heard.  "the SDA (Ukraine's governing force) will be temporarily closing for adoptions as of either June 1st or June 13th so that they can move offices and do a changeover to report to another ministry"

We were SO sad, we figured we would be waiting another year to see our Vitaliy.  But then our agent suggested we could still get our dossier in.  It looked impossible to me, but God allowed us to get it turned in.  It should be in Ukraine now.  So we thought we had just BARELY made it, but...

This is the email I received this morning: "the President of Ukraine signed the decree that will prolong the SDA working until the new SDA replacement entity opens. They will stay open throughout the summer until the new entity is ready to open. They will keep accepting dossiers and giving out new travel dates."

WAHOO!!  God is so good!  Praise His mighty name!  There are many families that will be able to have their children sooner now!  Glory to God! 

So, Lord willing, be traveling in October to get our precious Vitaliy. When I read this news this morning, my heart started to pound, my hands started to shake and I started to doubt God... you see in my human eyes this adoption journey feels IMPOSSIBLE.  But God, we can't go to Ukraine yet, we don't have the money!!!  Then He says so sweetly to me, "do you trust Me?"  He beckoned me to open up His precious word...

 this is what I found.... 

2 Chron 15:7 "But you (Tonya), be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work will be rewarded." 

Isn't that so cool how God speaks directly through His word that was written YEARS ago?  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  (Hebrews 13:8)

Oh Lord Jesus, You are absolutely AMAZING!  Blessed be Your Holy name!  Please continue to guide us each and every step until Vitaliy is in our arms again. 


  1. HI Tonya, I found your blog, via Linda's blog over at Prairie Flower Farm. I'm praying for Vitaliy and your family :) :) Loved the photo of the sweet :) :) Praying and sending love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Tonya,

    How exciting! I can't imagine the adrenaline rush you received after you absorbed the news :) How absolutely wonderful it will be to have Vitaliy home for Christmas!

    I love the way the light illuminates the Bible in your picture. That is so appropriate since His Word is a "light unto our feet and a light unto our path".

    In Christ,

    Susan Montgomery

  3. Great news - Praise God! Have a Blessed Sunday. Heather

  4. I was so happy to see this news on facebook, posted by another family adopting from the same orphanage! God is amazing! And He will provide every cent that you need! Trust in Him!