Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friends of Adoption

I keep hearing more and more about others who are pursuing adoption.  Isn't our God amazing that He chose to adopt us??!!! I am overwhelmed at His mercy and grace for choosing me! I am an adopted daughter of the KING!!!!!!!! and He LOVES ME!!!  Check out this song!!  HE LOVES YOU!

If you get the chance, check out others blogs who are adopting. We recently found out that our next door neighbor's daughter is adopting from Ukraine also!  How cool is that?! That is NOT a coincidence!! Here is their blog. They are adopting a baby with Down's Syndrome. They are amazing!

And this family also from Kansas who just got home from adopting from the Ukraine...

I am also overwhelmed at how giving God's people are! We sold water bottles again yesterday at the Yoder Poultry auction... yep you heard right! Check out my mom in law's blog to see more about the poultry auction.

A gentleman there gave us $70 for 6 bottles of water!!!  We just asked for $1/ bottle! OH MY! Talk about humbling!!!!! I am nearly in tears overwhelmed at our God.  Why did He choose me???? OH He is SO good. Do you ever doubt His love for you?  Please don't ever forget what He did to have a relationship with you for forever...

Check out the song below! Very good! (He didn't Die in Vain song with lyrics)

Friday, July 29, 2011


This thing is happening soooo fast, so hang on, here we goooooooooooooo!  We just got a phone call yesterday that we will travel to Ukraine in 1 month!!  I couldn't hardly believe what I was hearing!  Now is the time for fundraising!  :)  We have a Mom's Day Out fundraiser through the month of August.  Each Monday (the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd) from 9-12, we will have playtime with the little ones while the mommies go run errands, go to coffee with a friend or take a much needed nap.  Before the children get picked up we are just asking for a donation.  This will be held at Grace Bible Church at 1221 East 33rd in Hutchinson, Kansas.  If you are able to help in any way or plan on attending please let me know.

We are also, now selling the pendants my friend, Alicia made for us. Below you can view a slideshow of all the pendents.

They are $15 + 2.50 for shipping. 

Payment methods:

If you are interested in purchasing a pendent, please email me with "pendent" and the number on the picture in the subject.
My email is
come rest at his table at gmail . com
 (remove spaces and add @)

Here is a picture of me wearing one of the pendents with my daughter. You can buy chains at Hobby Lobby or simply use a ribbon or leather cording.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog!  You are a blessing to us and to our Vitaliy!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello all!  I have tried replying to the comments left on my blog, but Blogger  won't let me. Thank you for being patient with me as I have very limited internet access.  I do appreciate knowing we are being prayed for!  SO exciting to know our church body, some we don't even know, are lifting us up before our Father!  THANK YOU!  I am so amazed at our God.  He blessed us again the other day with another $100 check!  WAHOOO! 

We went last Thursday to an event in our town called Third Thursday.  We sold our ice cold water bottles and the pendants our friend made for us. 

Thank you Ashley Carson for this photo! GREAT JOB!

 We also just heard we may be traveling  to Ukraine by middle of September instead of October!!!!!!  EKKKKK!!  Exciting and O so scary... stepping out of my little bubble.  :)

On a different note, I want to share with you what the Lord has laid on my heart this week, as our email Bible study group studied pride.  He showed me that I need to break it and get rid of it in my life before He does it for me! 

This is what God did to Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel. (And many other stories of prideful people in the Bible)
Neb was filled with pride when he said in Dan 4:30 "Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for a royal dwelling by MY mighty power & for the honor of MY majesty?"

CHW3M World History

Vs 34 "while the word was STILL in the kings mouth..." God brought him down!!

Vs 33 "that very hour the word was fulfilled"....

(This is the picture I wanted to use of King Nebuchadnezzar. Because my blog is full of God's beauty.  This was the "pretty picture" I got of Ole' Neb in his sin.)

But as I kept reading Scripture, and the description of what happened to the mighty king......... this is more like what really happened.

God had Neb, king of the nation, high & mighty one, eating grass like a cow for 7 yrs! His hair grew LONG, nasty & TANGLED, & his nails became like birds claws! (I can just picture it now as my nails have dirt under em as I type this because of gardening:) Can you picture the dirt caked all over him, as the dew fell on him, the dirt stuck to him.... EWWWW! Can you imagine the stench & disgust!!??  GROSS!

But then my Sweet Heavenly Father tapped me and said, "my child, this is what I see when I see your pride...ugliness."

"And at the end of the time I, Nebuchadnezzar, lifted my eyes to heaven, and my understanding returned to me; and I blessed the Most High and praised and honored Him who lives forever: For His dominion is an everlasting dominion, and His kingdom is from generation to generation.  All the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing; He does according to His will in the army of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth.  No one can restrain His hand or say to Him, "What have You done?"  At the same time my reason returned to me, and for the glory of my kingdom, my honor and splendor returned to me.  My counselors and nobles restored to me, I was restored to my kingdom, and excellent majesty was added to me.  Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and extol and honor the King of heaven, all of whose works are truth, and His ways justice. And those who walk in pride He is able to put down.

God is a God of second chances

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh Jesus, You are Wonderful!

I have seen God at work big time in our lives the past couple of weeks!  He is so amazing!  For starters, over the 4th of July we sold water bottles to raise money for Vitaliy's adoption. 

 At first it seemed like we didn't raise much for being out in the HOT weather all day long.  We made $169 that day.  But I think God used it for more than to raise money.  The children and adults alike were able to think outside of our bubbles.  To think about a little boy in Ukraine who does not have a family or a house to call a home.  Like I said yesterday, it's so easy to get caught up in what makes ME comfortable.  God surprised us recently as we are learning to trust Him.  We have recently received in the mail 3 separate $100 checks + another $13 towards Vitaliy!!!  This was from people who we do not even know! OH MY!  Our Heavenly Father is AMAZING!  Who would of thought?  Now the money raised from the 4th of July has suddenly multiplied from $169 to $482!  God's math is not our math when we give Him what we have!  

As you know I have given my marriage & my husband to God.  God has answered SO many prayers regarding Josh's life.  One answer to my prayer came in the form of .....

Men's Encounter weekend is an opportunity for guys to connect with each other and spend some time in self-examination to see where they are in their walk with God. Over the weekend, they look at 14 areas of their lives to discover specifically how God wants to use them. They experience worship, testimonies, teaching and ministry times.  It is always so amazing to see what the Lord has done in each of their lives when they come back.  Last weekend was no exception.  God blessed Josh and the other 99 guys' socks off!  So if your husband EVER has a chance to go, I would encourage you as a wife to let him go...  Please!  The next Men's Encounter isn't until October, so I will remind you then and send you the link if your guy is interested.  Until then, PRAY PRAY PRAY for your husband to even want to go.  Stormie Omartin helped me pray for Joshua in her book, Power of a Praying Wife.  If you do not have this book yet, I encourage you to get it immediately!  I have seen so many of my prayers answered in this book.  I am now able to, as I go back thru the book and pray, to say, "God, you have answered this prayer!  And this prayer!  And this prayer!"

Click here to go to order

So until the next Men's Encounter....... PRAY!  And watch this video.  


Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Little Bubble

Oh why is it so hard to get out of my little bubble?

It is so comfy and cozy isn't it.  But guess what, our Lord commands us to get out and go!

"GO therefore......" Matthew 28:19 

How can we go if we are protected by our surroundings?  Is that what Christ did?  Did He stay in his sweet little home hanging out with His closest friends while He was here on the earth?  Did He chat about the weather and the latest news?  NO!  He left his comfy surroundings to share His Father with the hurting.

 Luke 5:31 "Jesus answered and said to them, "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick."

The Lord laid this heavily upon my heart when I recently attended a "Christian function".  There were "Christian people" EVERYWHERE!  Then smack dab in the middle I saw a hurting woman. 

As I spoke with her she shared that she does not believe in church.  She does not go.  (Hmmmm... I wonder why!)  Where were the Christian people to come along side me and help me out?  To encourage her and invite her to come with us?  We could of been 3 against 1!  But no, they were congragrated in their little groups talking about where they were going on vacation and what they were eating for supper!  I was at a loss for words and was not the witness God needed me to be.  I pray that God will give me another chance. 

Please people, get out of your comfort zones!  Jesus did not sacrifice His life on the cross so we could talk about the latest news.  He did not give us His life so we could stand across the room and ignore the hurting woman.  He made her, He has a plan for her.  What if she walked out the door and died in a car crash!  What if she spent eternity in hell because I was too focused on discussing my vacation plans with my church friends?!

James 4:17 "Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Favorite Book!!!

I want to introduce you to my all-time favorite book (under the Bible), Created to Be His Help Meet.  If God would not have brought this book into my life, I would be a divorced, bitter, angry and resentful woman working a part-time job and living my lonely life in a trailer. 

Because God was so gracious to me in my sinfulness, He brought me this book via a friend.  Debi Pearl taught me SO much!  She taught me there are 3 different types of men.  I learned that my Joshua is a Mr. Command man.  Here I thought he should be exactly like my dad!  (whom I learned was Mr. Steady) .  I HIGHLY recommend this book to EVERY woman 18 and over, married or not.  It will help the unmarried know what to look for, guide their friends to or from, for any woman to read to counsel other married women in the way they should go, and of course for the married woman, happily married or "not".  I will talk often of this book, because I would not be the woman I am today without it.  If anyone living near me would like to do a Bible study on this book let me know!  God has definatly made Joshua and I's marriage glorious!

This is what the back cover of Created to Be His Help Meet reads:
Somewhere over the passing years and changing culture, women have lost their way. This book is written to lead them back home. Regardless of how you began your marriage or how dark and lonely the path that has brought you to where you are now, I want you to know that it is possible today to have a marriage so good and so fulfilling that it can only be explained as a miracle.

A miracle: the ONLY way to explain our marriage.  Please take time to go to the website of this book and purchase one.  You will not regret it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adoption News!

I received some amazing adoption news this morning!  

 The last we knew the Ukraine offices were getting ready to shut down for the summer.  This was the previous news we heard.  "the SDA (Ukraine's governing force) will be temporarily closing for adoptions as of either June 1st or June 13th so that they can move offices and do a changeover to report to another ministry"

We were SO sad, we figured we would be waiting another year to see our Vitaliy.  But then our agent suggested we could still get our dossier in.  It looked impossible to me, but God allowed us to get it turned in.  It should be in Ukraine now.  So we thought we had just BARELY made it, but...

This is the email I received this morning: "the President of Ukraine signed the decree that will prolong the SDA working until the new SDA replacement entity opens. They will stay open throughout the summer until the new entity is ready to open. They will keep accepting dossiers and giving out new travel dates."

WAHOO!!  God is so good!  Praise His mighty name!  There are many families that will be able to have their children sooner now!  Glory to God! 

So, Lord willing, be traveling in October to get our precious Vitaliy. When I read this news this morning, my heart started to pound, my hands started to shake and I started to doubt God... you see in my human eyes this adoption journey feels IMPOSSIBLE.  But God, we can't go to Ukraine yet, we don't have the money!!!  Then He says so sweetly to me, "do you trust Me?"  He beckoned me to open up His precious word...

 this is what I found.... 

2 Chron 15:7 "But you (Tonya), be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work will be rewarded." 

Isn't that so cool how God speaks directly through His word that was written YEARS ago?  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  (Hebrews 13:8)

Oh Lord Jesus, You are absolutely AMAZING!  Blessed be Your Holy name!  Please continue to guide us each and every step until Vitaliy is in our arms again. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Seek the Lord for His Rest

I have a challenge for you the Lord.  What does this look like?  How do we seek Him? 

2 Chron 7:14 "if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land."

1.  Humble Myself   

        Humble - to bend the knee; into subjection

2.  Pray

3.  Seek God's Face

        Seek - to tread or frequent; to follow for pursuit or search; to worship; ask; inquire; question; search

4.  Turn from my wicked ways

Won't you please ask God to help you bend your knee to His authority?  Pray big time!  Pray while you're doing the dishes, stopped at a stop light (the kids won't mind), and wake up early and spend time with Him.  Let Him be your Best Friend.  Don't you love the defination of seek?  I found the meaning in my Strong's Bible Concordance. It is so helpful to me as I study God's word.  Seek His face!  Do whatever it takes to seek Him! 

2 Chron 14:2-5 says that King Asa, experienced God's rest because he did what was good and right in the eyes of God. He "took away out of all the cities of Judah the high places and the images: and the kingdom was quiet before him.

The kingdom was quiet before him.  Mmmmmmm...Doesn't that sound absolutely wonderful?  Don't you long to have your kingdom quiet before you?  Your kingdom is your home where you are queen.  Asa took away the high places and images out of his kingdom.  The high places were where the god's were worshipped. 

What is your "god"?

 I found out years ago that I was my own god.  It was then that God took that high place right out from under me.  I should of done just as He asked and humbled myself before He had to do it for me. 

After Asa removed the high places and images from his kingdom he then ,  "built fenced cities in Judah: for the land had rest, and he had no war in those years; because the LORD had given him rest. Therefore he said unto Judah, Let us build these cities, and make walls around them, and towers, gates, and bars, while the land is yet before us; because we have SOUGHT the LORD our God, we have sought Him, and he hath given us rest on every side."  2 Chron 14:6-7

So how do we build our cities (our homes)?  How do we surround them with walls, towers, gates and bars?  All these things are for protection from the enemy.  When I looked up the word "built" in the Strong's it said: "to build; obtain children; make; repair; set up.

OH MY!!  Did I just see the words, obtain children?  This is how we protect our homes, by obtaining more children?  Isn't this amazing!  We obtain more arrows to go out into the world!  God has now graciously allowed Josh and I to reach this point of His rest for our lives.  I am amazed at His mercy and grace!  We are now adopting to obtain children!  WAHOOO!!!  Isn't He absolutely AMAZING!!! 

How can you build protection for your family?  Did you know that if you are married you are your husband's protection?  Proverbs 12:4 "A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband."  Of course I looked up the word crown in my Strong's.  The defination said "to encircle for attack or protection"  Can you believe it?  I was attacking my husband in the past.  I was a crown of thorns.  But now God has given me a 2nd chance to encircle Joshua for protection and be a royal crown!  God is good!  Come with me as we seek God's face together.  Let's humble ourselves, pray and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways.  Only then may God hear from heaven, and forgive our sins and heal our lands.  Blessed be His name!!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Husband

I have so much to tell you and not enough time!  Tuesday, July 5th, my husband, Josh and I celebrated our 14th year of marriage! 
You see, it's not just any ole' anniversary, but a miracle straight from our Heavenly Father.  This is because Josh and I divorced 5 years ago.  It felt hopeless.  Like we were just another statistic.  But here we are today to say, "HE IS FAITHFUL!" 

Our 2nd Honeymoon 4 years ago

Every anniversary for us is a miracle.  It is an honor to be called Mrs. Joshua Stubbs.  I didn't always think that.  Isn't it strange how at one moment a wife can be madly in love with her husband, and months later hate his guts?  satan is so ugly like that.  I was recently reminded of my past sin as I read thru God's word.  I think of how we women have more influence than we know. 

1 Samuel 18:20  
"And Michal Saul's daughter loved David"

Michal was madly in love with her handsome hunk!  But wait a minute...

2 Samuel 6:16
And as the ark of the LORD came into the city of David, Michal Saul's daughter looked through a window, and saw king David leaping and dancing before the LORD; and she despised him in her heart.

She depised him in her heart!  I thought she was just in love with him!  

Oh boy, was that me.  I allowed satan's lies to fill my mind telling me I did not "feel" love for him.  So deeper and deeper my sin went.  Until I felt I had a right to "feel" happy.  I cannot even fathom where we would both be if we stayed in our sin.  We definitely would not be adopting!

Please, sweet wife, look to God as your fulfillment.  Don't try make your husband fill that role.  Your husband is just as human as you are.  Only God can fulfill you.  Let Him be your Knight in Shinning Armor.  God is such a Romantic.  Won't you let Him romance you?

Song of Solomon 2:16 
"My Beloved is mine, and I am his."

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Come and Rest at His Table

Lord Jesus, I dedicate this blog to You.  It is not mine, I surrender it and all that is on here to You.  I pray that all who read it would be drawn to You.  I pray that many would come to know You as their personal Lord and Savior and find their rest in You alone. Be glorified through this blog.  May it not be my words, but Yours.  Have Your way.

My sister in law, Tressa Stubbs, is my computer gal who made this blog for me Christmas 2010.  She and I sat down when Vitaliy (Lord willing, my son in Ukraine) was here being hosted over Christmas.  I wrote down the title to this blog 7 months ago.  The past couple of months, my friend and I started doing an email Bible study.  This is where we find a topic and study, search, and meditate on the scriptures then email the other what we learned.  Guess what the topic was for this week... REST.  Oh God You are so good!  I really needed to be reminded of God's rest.  As some of you may know we are in the process of adopting Vitaliy.  This process has been so out of my comfort zone.  This is unlike anything I have ever done before.  In my calm, predictable bubble of life, I think I am in control, but God keeps stretching my little box and says, "Do you trust Me?".  So here we go again, being stretched.  In each situation He asks,  "Do you trust me?"  I easily say, "Yes, Lord."  But then, here comes something else just a little bit harder and He says, "Do you trust me?"  Oh Lord help me to trust You!  His plan for my life is so much better than I could ever ask or dream!  He is  my Knight in shinning armor!

He keeps teaching me to trust Him and rest in Him over and over again, because this one is a hard one for me to learn.  I think it's hard for me because it requires a COMPLETE surrender to Him.  I like being in charge, in control of my circumstances, my surrounding and myself.  But that's not what God wants, He says He is God and i am not.  

One of my favorite verses is Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I AM GOD." 
He taught me this morning in Hebrews that His rest comes only when we obey Him.  The only way we can obey Him is if we surrender completely to Him.  We can only do this with God's help. We must ask Him to soften our hearts and to help us obey Him.

Hebrews 3:7-11 "Today if you will hear His voice, Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion, in the day of trial in the wilderness, where your fathers tested Me, tried Me... So I swore in My wrath, they shall not enter My rest."

Hebrews 3:12 "BEWARE, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God.."

Hebrews 3:18 &19 "And to whom did He swear that they would not enter His rest, but to those who did not obey?  So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief."

Oh Lord Jesus, soften our hearts and help us to obey You no matter what, that we may enter into Your rest that only You can give.  

So here we are in our next journey called, trusting God.  We are adopting (Lord willing). I can't hardly believe the words just typed!  We are adopting! As I said, we hosted Vitaliy over Christmas through New Horizons for Children click here.  

This is when we first met at the airport

So if you think about it, please keep us in your prayers.  We just sent in our dossier and now need to raise $20,000, and be ready to go to Ukraine in October.  This feels like an impossible task, "but Jesus looked at them and said to them, "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."